ethical luxury

We understand that it is our responsibility to do what we can to become a more sustainable company. We are responsible for the everyday choices we make in design and the impact those choices have on people and planet.

We think that being a modern design house means considering the future, not just the future of design, but also the future of the planet. We are committed to design  that builds on sustainability and social responsibility as much as it does high style. We think that sustainability can take the form of beautiful and glamorous decoration. 


Ethical Design

In addition to the day to day design, we are also working on specific projects like our design initiative in Africa where we produce fabrics for the world of high-end decoration. The initiative enables communities of artisans  — the majority of them women — to thrive in association with the interior design industry. This develops local creativity, fosters predominantly female employment and empowerment, reduces poverty, and promotes gender equality. Many women who live in conditions of extreme poverty and are victims of war have gained employment through our initiative thus far.

Responsible Sourcing

Our commitment to sustainability goes down to the fiber itself. We work closely with suppliers and artisans to source and create one-of-a-kind fabrics that are as luxurious as they are conscientious.  For each project, we look to incorporate certified organic cotton and silk, along with staple fibers like hemp and linen, which require very little water or fertilizer to grow. We also include forest-friendly cellulosic materials like cupro, a soft and silky fabric made from reclaimed cotton linter. 

Sustainability is a human issue, too, and Mary McGee is committed to supporting the work of the world's most marginalized artisans and empowering their communities. 

We believe that decoration is a powerful platform for positive social and environmental change—that the way we decorate influences the way we live, now and in the future. 




Sustainable Solutions

In our consistent effort to be a more  sustainable and ethical company, these are a few of things we are doing:

  • Each day we are losing more of the world’s natural forests. This is why we are so committed to using sustainably certified wood. All of the wood used in our furnishings comes from sustainably certified sources.

  • We are committed to more than just using sustainably certified sources for our wood; we are committed to being a zero deforestation company. In practice this means that we are tracing all of our products that have ties to the forest to ensure that they do not directly or indirectly contribute to the destruction of the planet’s forests. 

  • We try to use as much organic cotton and other natural fibers as possible in our designs and we are also developing our own line of fabrics that are made from AZO free dyes. 

  • We recycle, re-use, and shop at antique and vintage shops.

  • We are dedicated to alleviating poverty, empowering women and promoting peace through the successful creation of artisan businesses.