Giving someone a job that allows them to feed their family is more empowering than giving them a cash donation. My new design initiative has provided women in Guinea, Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya employment while extending my ethos of fostering entrepreneurship, prosperity and dignity in places that need it most. 

These days, I have been economizing for a cause, pouring all my money and time into developing my own line of socially responsible fabrics, furnishings, and entertaining essentials. My brand, Tallulah, works in close collaboration with artisans in areas of economic and political conflict to promote self-sufficiency and economic opportunity.  To have the work in Africa is important - not only to support women and give them much needed income, but to also encourage  conscious consumption in the luxury market. 

Launching in 2016, my new  initiative connects some of the world’s most marginalised people with the top of interior design's  value chain, for mutual benefit. It enables communities of artisans  — the majority of them women — to thrive in association with the design industry.

I think ethical design is being responsible for people and for the planet. The social dimension is about extreme poverty and exclusion from the wealth of the world. We are responsible for it because if we change it, it becomes better also for us." - Mary McGee