In September, simultaneously, Mary McGee will introduce the brand's first-ever fabric collection and it's charitable initiative born out of the desire to do more than just send beautiful interiors out into the world. The initiative connects the world's most marginalized artisans who suffer from profound social exclusion to the design industry's top talents, bringing the the rarest of skills to the world of high-end decoration. 


Promise Project

The Promise Project empowers individuals whose exclusion and invisibility serves to render them uniquely vulnerable, denying them respect for their human dignity.

Currently, the initiative is supporting more than 1000 artisans in Africa from individuals with disabilities, where, stigmatization still exists, to Kenya's forgotten refugees. 



Mary McGee has been working with artisans in Africa  since 2013. Mary's design initiative currently supports the work of a thousand micro-producers from marginalized African communities, empowering these informal manufacturers and craftspeople to enter the international value chain of high-end design. This promoted the growth of sustainable business in a place of aid dependency and created stability among these impoverished communities starting from the ‘ground upwards’.


Opportunity Not Charity

Dignified work empowers ALL people by increasing their self-confidence and respect they receive from their communities. 

Without economic opportunity and without empowerment, poverty will win. The Promise Project helps the forgotten victims of poverty RISE.