Mary McGee turns to Africa for her first fabric collection that will be available October 1st. " The collection is exotic, tribal, yet elegant and refined," says designer Mary McGee.  

Inspired by African tribal motifs and unexpected fabric techniques, the designs feature intricate hand-dying, captivating graphics, and alluring colors that transport you somewhere else emotionally and visually. 

"With this collection and campaign I wanted to highlight rare artisan skills that are not found anywhere else in the world but Africa, " Mary says, noting the collection is a striking blend of high-end polish and exotic craftsmanship. “ I hope the fashionable textiles shine a light on all the possibility Africa has to offer the world and the extraordinary talent that has been invisible for too long." 

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Born in Tennessee and educated in Georgetown, between the beauty of architecture and the politics of global affairs, Mary McGee's southern upbringing exposed her to a diverse collection of references. Her innate sense of color, material, and style, combined with her commitment to breaking boundaries between ethical design and luxury, have created a unique label in the world of high-end decoration.

Unlike many decorators that have a signature style, Mary always seeks to adapt her work to the spirit of each project and to the personalities of the people whom it is intended for. The use of surprising and unusual color schemes is a trademark as are sofas upholstered straight to the floor, collections of rare and beautiful objects and, where furniture is concerned, Mary champions a mixture of all nationalities, old and new.  Her style is exotic, feminine,  glamorous and unique--striking the perfect balance between modern elegance and classical design. 

Mary's work has been featured in House Beautiful, Vogue, Metropolitan Home and other national publications and she has been named one of America's Top One Hundred Designer's by House Beautiful Magazine.




Mary McGee is a design brand that was founded on the concept that sustainability does not have to compromise on beautiful style. Our approach to design is inspired by the need for change in our world and a shift in consciousness in the way we create and consume. 

Sustainably sourced materials fit effortlessly into luxurious interiors, while the details—lush colors and rare artisan skills—lend an element of the unique and unexpected to each design.

Timeless and relevant, Mary's products are rooted in her interests and beliefs, whether it's human rights or climate change.  The brand's influence spans from residential projects to curated collections that reveal a mix of luxury and social consciousness.