Mary Taylor McGee has design and social responsibility in her style DNA. Attending college in Washington D.C.’s historic Georgetown, between the beauty of architecture and the politics of global affairs, she developed a thoughtful approach to life and style.

Her work showcases a unique blend of casual elegance with modern-inspired elements.  Her style is known to be progressive yet classic with both smart and refined details. The primary inspiration for the designer and her brand are her classic Southern heritage, contemporary art and antiques that she seamlessly blends with diverse periods of furniture. 

Mary's work has been featured in House Beautiful, Vogue, Traditional Home and other national publications and she has been named one of America's Top One Hundred Designer's by House Beautiful Magazine.

Most recently she pioneered a design initiative that employs some of the world's most marginalized communities. The initiative enables communities of artisans— the majority of them women — to thrive in association with the interior design industry.

Mary continues to push boundaries by marrying art with social change and at the core of her brand is responsible sourcing and sustainability.



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What I do, designing interiors and creating products, can make a difference. My project gives people control over their lives - charity doesn’t give control, it does the opposite, it makes them dependant.
— Mary McGee

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