Mary's World of Interiors

Sourcing hand-crafted pieces from around the globe, Mary's designs represent a curated mix and one of a kind style. From custom furniture thoughtfully designed for clients to hand painted laquered tables, Mary McGee Interiors specializes in attention to details.  All of our interiors are produced in house by master craftsmen with exceptional artisanal skills. 



Founded by Mary McGee,Tallulah is a unique lifestyle collection that juxtaposes elegant refinement with exotic artistry, sourcing fabrics hand dyed by female artisans in Africa. With a distinctive and inspired aesthetic, Tallulah is revolutionizing the meaning of modern luxury by fusing ethical credentials with exceptional design.

Officially Launching  March 2016


Mary McGee Interiors is fully committed to the environment. Climate change is one of the biggest issues currently facing humanity and without the contribution of individuals and businesses, no matter how big or small, it poses an ever looming threat to our future.

Forests regulate our planet – providing clean air, a stable climate and biodiversity. At Mary McGee Interiors, we make a conscious effort to re-use, re-cycle and source from sustainable alternatives when producing our client's designs and furnishings.